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by Fung Global Institute
A curated collection of studies and reports on the state of infrastructure growth and spending in China.
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Great Cities and Ghost Towns

Distinguished Fellow Andrew Sheng and Vice President for China Xiao Geng offer a different take on China's ghost towns.
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Can the BRICS lead?

Vice President of Research Patrick Low asks whether there is a place for BRICS as a grouping in today's world.
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In Conversation with Xiao Geng (Part 1)

by Fung Global Institute
Vice President for China Xiao Geng takes an in-depth look at the root of China's local government debt problem. Part One of a Two-part series.
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Six Years On, We Still Haven't Learned the Real Lessons from Lehman Collapse

Distinguished Fellow Andrew Sheng says regulators fail to understand that the world needs equity, not more debt.

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Patrick Low


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The role of Global Value Chains

Our entry point into the real sector is Global Value Chains. These production and service networks have, in the past...


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