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Enabling and Adapting to Developing Economy Growth

Academic Council Chair Michael Spence on the need for growth with inclusiveness within the global economy.
Governance   |   Article

The Corporate State’s Strategic Risk

Distinguished Fellow Andrew Sheng on managing strategic risk.
Governance   |   Article

In Conversation with Noeleen Heyzer

by Fung Global Institute
Distinguished Fellow Noleen Heyzer on how Developing Asia can move forward.
Governance   |   Article

Good and Bad Inequality

Academic Council Chair Michael Spence questions today's perception of inequality and its effect on an economy.
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Have you seen...

by Fung Global Institute
A curated collection of studies and reports on the roles of services and the Global Value Chain within developing economies.
Real Sector   |   Article

In Conversation with Patrick Low

by Fung Global Institute
Vice President of Research Patrick Low explains why the role of services in the global economy should not be overlooked.
Governance | Real Sector   |   Article

Multilateralism is Worth Fighting For

FGI’s Chairman talks about the importance of keeping the Bali Accord alive.

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Patrick Low


Real Sector

The role of Global Value Chains

Our entry point into the real sector is Global Value Chains. These production and service networks have, in the past...


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Building Asia's New Financial Architecture


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