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Enabling Asia's Future

Hear from the world's leading thinkers. Global policy shapers debate issues facing Asia's economies at this public seminar on May 5.
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Useful Reading: Waste Management in Asia

Across most of Asia, waste is a normal by-product of production and consumption, and history has shown that prosperity for citizens is directly correlated with increased waste.
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Michael Spence on Slowing Growth and the Middle Class

by The Media Team
Michael Spence shares his views on slowing growth and the impact this may have on the middle class in emerging economies.
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Decoding Climate Change Risks

Small changes in urban human behavior and increased energy efficiency will have a positive impact on our natural resources.

Indonesia General Elections 2014

by The Media Team
185 million Indonesians choose their parliamentary, provincial and local representatives in far-reaching general elections. The outcome is likely to indicate who the country's next president will be.
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India's Lok Sabha Elections

by The Media Team
Nearly 815 million voters. 930 thousand polling stations across 543 constituencies. The largest elections in the world have started in India.

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Pamela Mar

Real Sector

The role of Global Value Chains

Our entry point into the real sector is Global Value Chains. These production and service networks have, in the past...


Evolving Growth Models in Asia

Asian Finance

Building Asia's New Financial Architecture