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Abenomics' Worsening Gamble

President William Overholt assesses Abenomics' chance for success in light of recent economic data.
Asian Finance   |   Article

Japan's "Shock and Awe" Stimulus Shows Our Desperate Faith in Monetary Easing

Distinguished Fellow Andrew Sheng writes that where structural reforms stall, we reach for unconventional monetary policy.
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A Missing Element in Myanmar's Development Plan

by Masato Abe
Myanmar needs key deep-sea ports to push ahead.
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Beijing Must Take a Different Route with the U.S. to Realize FTAAP Goals

Vice President of Research Patrick Low proposes a way to unblock free trade deadlocks.
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Have you seen... Key Takeaways from Regional Summits

by Fung Global Institute
A curated collection of reports and insights arising from key regional summits.

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Patrick Low


Real Sector

The role of Global Value Chains

Our entry point into the real sector is Global Value Chains. These production and service networks have, in the past...

Asian Finance

Building Asia's New Financial Architecture