In Conversation With Xiao Geng: On the "One Road, One Belt" Initiative

Xiao Geng, Vice President, China, shares his thoughts on China’s landmark blueprint for development.


Feel Stones to Cross Economic River

by Andrew Sheng and Xiao Geng

Distinguished Fellow Andrew Sheng and Xiao Geng, Vice President, China on reform and China’s determination to make change happen.


In Conversation with Louis Kuijs: On China's Slowing Economy

Fellow Louis Kuijs talks about the reasons for the fall- and whether the worst is yet to come for China’s economy.


High Time for a Global Investment Agreement

by Patrick Low

Vice President of Research Patrick Low writes on the need for comprehensive global policies with regard to FDI.


Innovating in the Global Economy – The Hong Kong-PRD Advantage

by Victor K Fung

FGI Chairman Victor K Fung on why Hong Kong needs to innovate with new business models.


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