Have You Seen… On Water

A curated collection of reports and insights on water as an indispensable resource and as a destructive force of nature.


More Honesty and Less Politics Needed on GDP

by Patrick Low

Vice President of Research Patrick Low on why the GDP is a flawed metric.


China’s Trial-and-Error Economy

by Andrew Sheng, Xiao Geng

China needs a sustainable growth model for its economy. What will work and what won’t?Distinguished Fellow Andrew Sheng and Xiao Geng, Vice President, China weigh in.


Bringing Shadow Banking into the Light: Opportunity for Financial Reform in China

by Andrew Sheng, Ng Chow Soon

Distinguished Fellow Andrew Sheng and Ng Chow Soon look at the emergence of shadow banking, and its opportunities and challenges for the reform of China’s financial sector.


In Conversation with Xiao Geng: On The Takeaways of NPC 2015

Stability, the economy and reform were key themes at this year’s National People’s Congress. Xiao Geng, Vice President, China, weighs in.


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