Public Seminar: China’s Financial Future

China may be the world’s second largest economy today, but has its financial system caught up? This public seminar will be held association with the University of Hong Kong on June 8, 2015.

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Working Paper: Can the Chinese Bond Market Facilitate a Globalizing Renminbi?

This paper explores the prospect for the Chinese bond market as a potential global renminbi (RMB) asset class in the context of the RMB internationalization.


In Conversation With... Joseph Bower (part 2)

Harvard Professor Joseph Bower on how a corporate structure can affect shareholder activism.


A World of Underinvestment

by Michael Spence

Academic Council Chairman Michael Spence calls for more public investment to spur long-term growth.


Investors Profiting from China's Buoyant Market Must Know When to Stop

by Andrew Sheng

Distinguished Fellow Andrew Sheng says in an unpredictable market, punters must know the risks and control greed.


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